Faithfull Soft Grip Decorating Tool Kit, 5 Piece

Faithfull Soft Grip Decorating Tool Kit, 5 Piece

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The Faithfull Soft Grip Decorating Tool Kit features the 5 most popular selling painting and decorating tools from the Faithfull range. Each tool features a stainless steel blade for long-life and resistance to corrosion, and soft grip handles to provide greater comfort during long periods of use. Each knife has a fitted metal end cap that can be used to knock back protruding nails.


2 x Filling Knives 25mm and 75mm. Fitted with a flexible blade for inserting filler into cracks or holes.

1 x Stripping Knife 75mm. Fitted with a stiff blade for removing old paint and wallpaper.

1 x Putty Knife 38mm. With a 'clipt point' blade for applying putty and filler in cracks and corners.

1 x Combination Shavehook with a heart-shaped blade for removing paint from difficult corners or contoured surfaces.